Microsoft Excel Intermediate

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Quick Recap Using references in Excel formulas

Overview of formulas in Excel

Relative, Absolute and Mixed cell references

Mastering Excel Tables

Introducing Excel Tables

Creating Calculated Columns

Formatting a Table

Using Advanced Table Tools

Using Slicers

Converting Tables to Ranges

Removing duplicates

Linking spreadsheets and workbooks

Making a reference to another worksheet

Making a reference to another workbook

Editing links

Troubleshooting links

Using names Ranges

          In Excel formulas

          As a way of navigating through the workbook

Advanced Formulas

Simple IF examples

Using IF to check if a cell is blank



Date Functions

Conditional formatting

Apply Conditional Formatting

Customising Conditional Formatting

Using Icons in Conditional Formatting

Highlighting an entire record with a Formula

Stopping Conditional Formats

Managing Worksheets and Workbooks

Tips & Tricks

Group Editing Worksheets

Comparing Workbooks data

Comparing Worksheets data

Synchronous Scrolling

Analysing databases

Quick analysis

Sorting a database

Apply filters to a database

Advance filter

Sorting and Filtering by Conditional Formats


Analyse trends in data using Sparklines

Creating charts from start to finish

Available chart types

Create a Chart Template

Formatting Chart Elements and Styles

Filtering Charts by Series or Categories

Adding a Trendline to a Chart

Introduction to Pivot Tables

What are Pivot Tables?

Using recommended pivot tables to analyse your data

Duration - 1 day

Really useful and engaging course. Learnt a lot that will be very beneficial in my job.

Trainer was great

Kelly Moreley - TACT

Excel Intermediate

Very happy with the course. Worked as a good refresher from what I knew already and enhanced my knowledge further in formulas + vlookup and shortcut keys

Jenny Price - Acer

Excel Intermediate

Great course. I look forward to doing the next one

Ellie Preston - Europanel

Excel Intermediate

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