Microsoft Excel Introduction

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What is Excel?

The Excel Interface

Ribbon, Tabs and Groups

Microsoft Office Backstage view

Working with Workbooks

Create a blank Workbook

Create a Workbook using a Template

Opening and saving Files

Working with worksheets

Worksheet navigation

Select one or multiple Worksheets

Insert, Move, Copy or Delete a Worksheet

Working with Cells, Rows & Columns

Cell References

How to select cells or ranges

Move, Copy and Delete cells

Pasting Options

Find and Replace

Working with Rows and Columns

Overview of formulas in Excel


The parts of an Excel formula

Using calculation operators in Excel formulas

The difference between Absolute, Relative and Mixed references

Using Excel functions; Sum, Average, Max and Min

Cell Formatting

Font Format options

Number Format options

Change the Fill and Borders

Cell Alignment

An Introduction to Charts

Create a simple Chart

Format your chart

Page Layout and Print

Page Layout and Page Break View

Change the Page Orientation

Set Page Margins

Headers and Footers in a worksheet

Print a worksheet or workbook

Duration - 1 day

Very professional and well mannered, fun and pleasant at the same time. I learnt a lot

Carolina Foster - CNN

Excel Introduction

Very helpful course. Would definitely take another one. Pedro was very patient and made it fun and engaged with us all

Laura Smith - James Grant

Excel Introduction

Great course and excellent trainer.


Tracy Preston - Western Power Distribution

Excel Introduction

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