Excel Macros & VBA Advanced

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Working with Procedures

Program Design

Understanding Modules

Protecting a Module

Creating an Add-Inn and distribute them

Optimizing code

MS Office Object Hierarchies and the Object Browser

 Objects, Collections and Hierarchies

 Properties, Methods and Events

 Using the Object Browser

 MS Office Application Reference Libraries

Working within an MS Office Application

 VBA or Macro Recorder

 Special Macros

 Object Variables


 Application Object Examples

User Defined Types, Classes and Arrays

 Introduction to User Defined Types (UDTs)

 Creating a User Defined Type

 Creating a Class

 Creating Array Variables

 Using Arrays in Code

File and Folder Management using VBA

 Using the FileSystemObject

 Handling Folders using VBA

 Create a Folder

 Move, Rename, Copy or Delete a File

 File or Folder Properties and Attributes

Interaction between MS Office Applications

 Classes and References

 Working with Objects in another Application

 Editing Documents across MS Office

Working with the Excel Range Object

 Range Objects Defined

 Referencing Ranges using VBA

 Dynamic Range Handling

 Copying or Moving Range Data

Working with the Worksheet and Workbook Object

Workbook Methods and Properties

Worksheet Methods and Properties

Trapping Workbook Events.

Trapping Worksheet Events

Working with Data in Excel

 Importing Data from a Delimited File or Web Page

 Excel and ADO

 Data Types or Formatting

 Validating Data

 Filtering and Sorting Data with VBA

 Using Worksheet Database Functions

 Excel Tables

Presenting Data in Excel

 Apply Conditional Formatting with VBA

 Working with Charts

 Pivot Tables

Programming Access with VBA

 Navigating the Access Object Hierarchy

 Understanding Access Collections

 Manipulating a Form interaction with the user using VBA

Duration - 3 days

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Pedro is an excellent trainer, imparting his skills and knowledge in the best way - appropriately to audience skills, knowledge and ability. Pedro is always approachable, encouraging and supportive, giving delegates the optimum learning environment.I would not hesitate to recommend Pedro as a trainer, whatever your level of ability.

Amanda Morris - Real Equity for All

Bespoke Excel Macros e VBA

My learning experience was awesome

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Excel Macros & VBA

The Trainer – Very positive + patient + helpful + thorough

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Excel Macros & VBA

Very nice and relaxed approach to teaching

Was definitely a good learning experience

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Excel Macros & VBA

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