Microsoft Office 365 for End Users

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Office 365 Overview

Introducing Office 365
Identify and outline the component products in Office 365
Navigating around Office 365
Updating your Profile in Office 365

Using the Outlook Online Application

Overview of Outlook Online
Working with email
Using the Calendar
Shared Calendars
People (Contacts)
Tasks in Outlook Online
Setting Outlook Options, Signatures, Rules, Automatic Replies

Using Microsoft Teams

Introduction to Microsoft Teams
Creating Teams and Channels
Tabbed Pages and Third Party Apps

Working with OneDrive for Business

What is OneDrive for Business?

Navigating around OneDrive

Accessing Content in OneDrive

Using the Office Online Apps

Sharing Documents and Collaborating

Connecting Microsoft Office to OneDrive

Creating Office Documents and Saving Directly to OneDrive

Using Groups and Delve

Introduction to Groups

Collaborating using Groups

Getting to Content using Delve

Duration - 1 day