Gain insights from your data regardless of where it lives with Power BI Desktop. Connect your data and create ad-hoc analysis and visual reports that are easy to consume on the web and across mobile devices.

Combine Power BI with PowerApps to surface data and insights within your apps to take fast, informed action.

Power BI Desktop

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Introduction to Power BI

Power BI Jargon explained

A quick look at Power BI Desktop

A quick look at the Power BI service

Helpful resources

Power BI and Excel

Introduction to using Excel data in Power BI

Upload Excel data to Power BI

Import Power View and Power Pivot to Power BI

Getting started with Power BI Desktop

Overview of Power BI Desktop

Accessing Help and Helpful resources

Connect to data sources in Power BI Desktop

Shaping and Transforming Data with Query Editor

Introduction to the Query Editor

Data Sources Power BI Desktop can Connect to

Introduction to Steps and M code

Combining Data Using Merge and Append Queries

Data Type Properties

Working with Delimiters

Clean and transform your data with the Query Editor

Text Specific Transformation Tools

Number Specific Transformation Tools

Date Specific Transformation Tools

Split and Merge columns

Creating an Index Column

Adding Conditional Columns

Columns From Examples

Grouping and Aggregating data

Pivoting and Unpivoting

Using filters

Modeling the data

Introduction to modeling your data

How to manage your data relationships

Create calculated columns

Optimizing data models

Create calculated measures

Show Values As and Quick Measures

Create calculated tables

Explore your time-based data

Introduction to DAX

DAX calculation types

DAX functions


Introduction to visuals in Power BI

Create and customize simple visualizations

Modify colors in charts and visuals

Shapes, text boxes, and images

Page layout and formatting

Group interactions among visualizations

Visual hierarchies and drill-down

Using custom visualizations

Create a KPI Visualization

Geo-Data and Maps

Reports, Publishing and Sharing

Introduction to the Power BI service

Quick insights in Power BI

Create and configure a dashboard

Ask questions of your data with natural language

Create custom Q&A suggestions

Share dashboards with your organization

Introduction to content packs, security, and groups

Publish Power BI Desktop reports

Print and export dashboards and reports

Create groups in Power BI

Use content packs

Update content packs

Publish to web