Microsoft Powerpoint Introduction

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Duration - 1 day
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Getting Started with PowerPoint

Identify the Components of the PowerPoint Interface

Create a PowerPoint Presentation

Accessing Help

Choose the right view for the task in PowerPoint

Normal view

Slide Sorter view

Notes Page view

Outline view

Add, rearrange, and delete slides in PowerPoint

Working with Themes

Add colour and design to my slides with themes

Remove the current slide design (theme)

Slide Layout

What is a slide layout?

Apply or change a slide layout

Working with text

Add text to a slide

Create a new text box

Format text

Working with Tables

Add a table to a slide

Format a Table

Copy and paste a table from Word

Insert an Excel spreadsheet within PowerPoint

Edit Cells, Rows and Columns

Delete a table


Working with Clipart, and Shapes

Selecting objects, shapes, pictures or text boxes

Arrange a picture, shape or other object

Adding Charts to Your Presentation

Create a Chart

Format a Chart

Insert a Chart from Microsoft Excel

Inserting date and slide numbers

Add slide numbers to your presentation

Hide slide numbers on the title slide

Change where the page numbers appear on your slides

Start your slide numbering with a specific number

Print slides, notes, or handouts

Create the Slide Show

Record your slide show

Preview the recorded slide show

Turn slide timings off

Set the slide timings manually

Add or remove transitions between slides

Add Animations to Text and Objects

Deliver the Presentation

Speakers notes

Add speaker notes to your slides

View your speaker notes as you deliver your slide show

Very professional and well mannered, fun and pleasant at the same time. I learnt a lot

Carolina Foster - CNN

Very helpful course. Would definitely take another one. Pedro was very patient and made it fun and engaged with us all

Laura Smith - James Grant

Great course and excellent trainer.


Tracy Preston - Western Power Distribution

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