Microsoft Word Advanced

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Collaborating on Documents

 Modify User Information

 Share a Document

 Compare Document Changes

 Review a Document

 Merge Document Changes

 Review Tracked Changes

 Coauthor Documents

Adding Reference Marks and Notes

 Add Captions

 Add Cross-References

 Add Bookmarks

 Add Hyperlinks

 Insert Footnotes and Endnotes

 Add Citations and a Bibliography

Simplifying and Managing Long Documents

 Insert Blank and Cover Pages

 Insert an Index

 Insert a Table of Contents

 Insert an Ancillary Table

 Manage Outlines

 Create a Master Document

Securing a Document

 Suppress Information

 Set Formatting and Editing Restrictions

 Add a Digital Signature to a Document

 Restrict Document Access


 Create Forms

 Manipulate Forms

Duration - 1 day