Microsoft Word Introduction

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Getting Started with Word

Identify the Components of the Word Interface

Create a Word Document


Editing a Document

Navigate and Select Text

Modify Text

Find and Replace Text

Formatting Text and Paragraphs

Apply Character Formatting

Align Text Using Tabs

Display Text as List Items

Control Paragraph Layout

Apply Borders and Shading

Apply Styles

Manage Formatting

Adding Tables

Insert a Table

Modify a Table

Format a Table

Convert Text to a Table

Managing Lists

Sort a List

Renumber a List

Customise a List

Inserting Graphic Objects

Insert Symbols and Special Characters

Add Images to a Document

Page Setup

Apply a Page Border and Color

Add a Watermark

Add Headers and Footers

Control Page Layout

Proofing a Document

Check Spelling and Grammar

Other Proofing Tools

Check Accessibility

Customising the Word Environment

Customise the Word Interface

Additional Save Options

Duration - 1 day